January 22, 2018

With Every Act Of Love


Sitting at the stoplight
He can’t be bothered by the heart-cry
Written on the cardboard in her hand
But when she looks him in the eye
His heart is broken open wide
And he feels the hand of God reach out through him
As Heaven touches earth

Oh – we bring the Kingdom come
Oh – with every act of love
Jesus, help us carry You
Alive in us, Your light shines through
With every act of love
We bring the Kingdom come

There’s silence at the table
He wants to talk but he’s not able
For all the shame that’s locked him deep inside
But her words are the medicine
When she says they can begin again
And forgiveness will set him free tonight
As Heaven touches earth

God put a million, million doors in the world
For His love to walk through
One of those doors is you
I said, God put a million, million doors in the world
For His love to walk through
One of those doors is you

Singer/Songwriter Jason Gray along with Jason Ingram

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As I was listening to these lyrics, I realized that there is one act of love…in my opinion the greatest act of love…that makes all this possible. The one time that Heaven came to earth—the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Look at the following verses:

Adam, the first man, was made from the dust of the earth,
while Christ, the second man, came from heaven.
1 Corinthians 15:47 NLT

He Who comes from above (heaven) is [far] above all [others];
he who comes from the earth belongs to the earth,
and talks the language of earth [his words are from an earthly standpoint].
He Who comes from heaven is [far] above all others.
John 3:31 AMP

Christ came from Heaven for us.  No other reason.  He brought His Kingdom to earth so that we might join Him one day in Heaven.  Because He did, we who believe have Christ within us.  We can let His light shine through us.  In fact, 1 Corinthians 15:49 (AMP) states:  “And just as we have borne the image [of the man] of dust, so shall we and so let us also bear the image [of the Man] of heaven.”

In Zechariah 7:9 (HCSB) we are given these instructions:

The Lord of Hosts says this: ‘Make fair decisions.
Show faithful love and compassion to one another.

And 2 Thessalonians 3:5a (AMP) says:

May the Lord direct your hearts into [realizing and showing] the love of God….

When we reach out with Christ’s unconditional love we bring a piece of Heaven to earth. It doesn’t have to be a big production. Simple words of kindness and forgiveness can have a huge impact. A small gesture like a smile or a touch could change a life. It is in the acts that come from the heart that others are able to see Christ’s heart. John 13:35 (HCSB) states: “By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” And, of course, Matthew 25:40 (HCSB) reminds us:

And the King will answer them, ‘I assure you:
Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’

I want to carry Jesus alive in me. I want His light to shine through. I want to be the bridge that allows Heaven to touch earth once again.

*   ♥  ~  ✝  ~  ★    *  

Abba, I am so amazed by Your selfless act of unconditional, unfailing love. Let me carry You alive in me, allowing Your light to shine through me. Remind me that with every act of love, Heaven touches earth. In the precious name of Jesus I pray, Amen – IT IS SO!

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This blog post is brought to you 

by Diane Meyers

Where is Your Glue Gun?
1 Corinthians 10:31: So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.  This verse is one of my LIFE VERSES!  When I spend time in the word, every so often I read a verse that the highlighter does not even do justice to!  These verses struck a chord in my heart, and because of that they change me.  These verses are my strength in weakness, my light in darkness, my solid ROCK when shaken; or LIFE VERSES as me and my sister like to call them!  1 Corinthians 10:31 is one that really struck me when I read it.  I’m not sure if it was because as I read it over and over again, I thought of everything that I had once done in my past that was the complete opposite of giving glory to God; or, if it was because I instantly thought of everything that I would do from that moment forward to GIVE GOD GLORY.  Probably both, this verse was my motivation and God used it to lead me to live a life full of helping others.

Every single day I (WE) encounter broken after broken hearts.  These hearts come in all shapes, sizes, and pieces.  It is the heart of the lady you sit next to at work who cannot go home because she is her husband’s punching bag.  It is the heart of the man that you pass by at the bus stop wondering how he is going to provide for his family because at his last interview he was too experienced or just not what they are looking for.  It is the heart of the little boys and girls you hear about on the news who are ripped out of their homes and now living with temporary families.  It is the heart of the lives of every single person that you encounter who does not know their Savior in Heaven personally, that ought to make you want to grab a super-size glue gun and help fix these broken pieces.  I know I have my glue gun, all because when I look into the faces of these broken lives all I see is my old, glory-less self; the lost little girl in a big scary world.  I see the hurt behind their smile, the pain in their eyes, and I know them all too well.

Can I ask you some things that you either will not get or crave to find out the answer to?  Where is your glue gun?  Have you been renewed from all of your hurts?  Do you know what it is like to be made new, with no broken pieces all because of the glue guns of others that God is the power source to?  If yes, don’t you want to be that glue gun to others, leading them to the only power that will heal them, help them, and restore them; Jesus Christ.  If no, be honest to God; let Him know where you need those broken pieces to be glued together again.  His glue lasts forever.

Matthew 25:40 And the King will answer them, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”  There it is, another LIFE VERSE.  That one hit me even harder, everything I have ever done to anyone I did to God.  That realization brought about a huge change in how I treat others.  Now, I still do see myself in the brokenhearted of the world, but even more so I see Jesus.  When people look at me, I want them to see Jesus, NOT ME.  This verse also helps me remember that God is with the brokenhearted, and I want to be where God is.  I have come to love my single days instead of dreading them because I get to spend them looking for Jesus, among the brokenhearted.

There are opportunities all around me and YOU to share God’s light.  Are you sulking in your singleness that it is blinding you from taking advantage of all of the opportunities God is giving you to minister to others, and live each day with HIM (where you just so happen to be the happiest, not in a marriage)?  Being single is the perfect time to ask God to bring the brokenhearted along your path.  This is the time to spend listening to others needs instead of focusing on the one need you think you need that God has not given you yet-a husband.  This is the time to figure out your LIFE VERSES, and share them with the world.  This is the time to find that glue gun and go on a journey with God to find the broken pieces.  Don’t let what the world says about being alone and single ruin your happy.  And better yet, LET THE WORLD KNOW you are not alone, you are with God; and they can be too!


Lord, I thank you so much for always shining through when I write.  I thank you for this time we have to hear from YOU.  I pray that each and every one of us that is along this journey together desire to seek your face among the brokenhearted.  I pray that you bring opportunities into our lives to help others come to know you as their personal Savior.  Lord, we love you so much, and I just pray that we learn to be happy, productive, single women, helping to FURTHER YOUR KINGDOM, give us your strength Lord.  I pray these things in your Son’s precious name, AMEN!


What are some things you have done to help others all around you?  Are there people in your life that you know God has placed in it so that you can minister HIS love to them?  What areas of helping, listening, and staying humble do you enjoy most or struggle the most with?  Please comment answers below, I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!

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