January 17, 2018

“I Am” Bible Study

I_AM_Cover PageOne of the primary themes in modern culture is the search for “Who Am I?” People leave home and country in search of themselves. Maybe you have, too. Reflect on what brought you to the place of feeling lost. We have all been there. Until we are willing to honestly look at ourselves, we will never “find” what we are looking for.

Maybe we feel like we should have been born in a different era, to different parents, or in a different land. Our spirit is “unsettled”. Maybe you grew up with big dreams and no one really “knew you”. Maybe you were never challenged and your heart “knew” there was more to this life than what you were currently experiencing.

This search for our identity is real. God placed the need to know in our spirits from the beginning. Through this study, we will go on a search together to find ourselves—our TRUE selves—the way we were created to be.

We will embark on a seven week bible study beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation. We will get to know the Alpha and the Omega. We will discover who God created us to be. Come along on this journey of discovering the miracle of the “I AM”.

The Plan is to look at who God/Jesus is as identified in the Scriptures, who we are in Him according to the Scriptures, and who we will be eternally because we trust in Him.

These seven weeks will bring us to a fuller and more complete understanding of ourselves—the way God created us to be as we grow in our relationship with Jesus.

Get ready to dig in and “find yourself” in the pages of God’s Word. Let’s be honest with ourselves. As we walk through this study together, I will be adding tidbits of information to spur some thoughts “outside the box”. Check out the FACT BOX to find areas to deepen your journey with the Lord. Take the time necessary to really “know” God and who He made you to be. It is definitely a journey worth taking.


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