November 25, 2014

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We are an Online Bible Study Ministry for Women! We offer online Bible studies, and more, for women of all ages, all across the world.

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Daily Devotions


Proclaim Allegiance to His Name

Through Him then let us offer up a sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of lips which confess His name. Hebrews 13:15 The New Living Translation says it this way: Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to His Name. The phase “proclaiming our allegiance to His Name” popped out at me. It sounded so … [Read More...]

Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs


Give Thanks

Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy One Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son And now let the weak say, "I am strong" Let the poor say, "I am rich Because of what the Lord has done for us" Give thanks, give thanks We give thanks to You, oh Lord We give thanks Songwriter: Henry Smith / Performed by Don Moen *  ~  ♥  ~  ✞  ~  ♥  ~  * Having a … [Read More...]

At Home with GCH

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Pumpkin Pie with GF Nut Crust—and Spiced Whipped Cream

I think that the Thanksgiving meal is one where the most traditional fare is prepared, served, and enjoyed.  Whether they are the ubiquitous offerings...turkey (goes with saying, right?), gravy, cranberry sauce; or favorites that are traditional for your own family...there are just some dishes we expect to prepare and share.  One of these is Pumpkin Pie! Ok, asking for a show of hands, … [Read More...]



He Still Has Compassion

When Jesus saw His mother there, and the disciple whom He loved standing nearby, He said to His mother, "Dear woman, here is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." John 19:26-27 Can you imagine being there and witnessing this scene---of a mother watching her Son up on the Cross?  He is struggling to even breathe...and His mother is struggling even more.  A friend gets His … [Read More...]

Recently Completed Online Bible Study – CHRISTLife


CHRISTLife — FORTY: Embracing A Glorious Future

What an opportunity, privilege, and awakening we have experienced in the last 39 days of this study.  We have been made aware again, or perhaps for the first time, that God created us because He loves us.  He created us on purpose to have a relationship and fellowship with Him.  We didn’t come crawling out of some swampland.  We came out of His heart. We discovered that the ideal mirror to look … [Read More...]

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