January 23, 2018

Testimony of a Healthy and Confident Woman


2014 was a big year for my client, Melanie, as she became a healthy and confident woman on the inside and out.  As a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, she has a full-time job where she works at home on her computer all day.  Because she could not stay consistent with any ‘program,’ she felt she had lost all motivation to exercise and eat healthy.  She felt it was a constant battle of starting and stopping over and over.

Working from home left her at the mercy of food all day.  She was unsure of how to create an eating plan or the know-how of what to do for an exercise program. After working with me for almost four months, Melanie has lost 20 pounds and has adopted a healthy lifestyle that gives her the confidence to be the woman God has created her to be and fulfill His call on her life.

I am so proud of her accomplishments and asked Melanie to tell me about her new lifestyle. The following is Melanie’s story.

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Crystal: What would be your major accomplishments in the past four months?

Melanie: I would truly have to say my major accomplishment is not the weight loss but the sense of balance I have found in my life.  I have come to realize (as you always say) that this is a journey for me.  It is not a ‘diet’ that I maintain for so many months until a particular goal is reached; but it is a lifestyle—a way of living that improves my life in all areas…physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Crystal: Did you experience a breakthrough or overcome a specific challenge?

Melanie: My major breakthrough was my walking program that I thoroughly enjoy! I would never have imagined when I started the coaching session that I would be walking 3-4 times a week and reaching my goal of 3 miles in an hour! This was truly a major breakthrough for me!

Melanie: Another realization I came to during this process was overcoming the mindset that if I could not do something perfectly, I would not do it at all. I am not near as hard on myself or expecting so much out of myself as I once did. I still want to do my best but when I don’t conquer some goal or meet some deadline I have set for myself, it is not ‘the end’ but rather an opportunity to re-group and see how I can improve and what I may need to do differently. I don’t just give up!

Crystal: What new behaviors have you put into place as a result of us working together?

Melanie: My new behaviors would have to be planning my snacks, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my diet, and, of course, the exercise.

Crystal: What are your next steps toward your wellness?

Melanie: My next steps for physical, mental and spiritual fitness would be as follows:

  • Physically, as far as the food plan is concerned, I need to continue to try and plan my meals. I have found out that is a major contributing factor to success. Planning is the key and makes a big difference.
  • Mentally, I just need to try and stay focused when obstacles come against me and remind myself that no two days are alike. It is a journey and I can’t let one bad day define a whole week.
  • Spiritually, because of my new-found confidence, I am going to be speaking soon to a ladies group. I know the Lord will continue to give me confidence to say what He would have me say. I am excited about where this may take me. I am 56 years old and I think my becoming who the Lord would have me to be is a journey as well. It is time for me to “step up to the plate” and let Him use me.  And, hey, if I don’t make a home run in my own eyes, it’s ok….He will still be pleased with me!

I seem to have a newfound confidence in myself and in my ability to continue to work toward a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally and spiritually. I may have lost weight but I gained so much more in the process!”

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Melanie’s story is an amazing testimony of how taking care of your body by learning how to eat healthy and exercise can give you confidence in other areas of your life.  Growing in confidence allows you to have the courage to be the woman God has called you to be and complete the job is calling you to do.

A personal note from Crystal…

I have a heart and passion for coaching women how to be fit physically and spiritually. I believe that no matter the season, or how busy your life or impossible circumstances may be, you can learn how to eat healthy, exercise, and make time with God a priority.  I also believe gaining control of your health can give you confidence to step out and fulfill what God would have you do today.

Girlfriends, at this season of my life, it is time for me to step down from blogging for Girlfriends Coffee Hour. I have been truly blessed by each of you and pray that God will continue to strengthen you physically and spiritually. I believe in each one of you and know you can do it! I would love to continue to be a resource and encouragement in your journey to better health and wellness. You can follow my blog and facebook page to receive weekly encouragement.

I love you all,
In Good Health,