January 23, 2018

Do You Have an “All or Nothing” Attitude?

all or nothing
This weekend, I had the most amazing get-away with my husband.  Obviously, it was a time where we did splurge a little on food.  While it was enjoyable, I was glad to return to normal eating habits and exercise routine.  Those occasions are going to happen and we have to keep it mind it is not a sign of failure if we do not follow a perfect eating regimen for a few days.  It does not mean we have blown it forever.  Having an ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude is what leads to feeling defeated and then giving up completely.

I have worked with so many women who feel that if they indulge on occasion, it is useless to pick back up and keep on going.  The key to staying healthy and fit is consistency.  What we do on a consistent basis (or 80% of the time) is what matters.  These small, continual, consistent steps are what build us to be healthy women inside and out.

First, remember that perfection will never be attained.  Our health and fitness is a lifetime journey.  Instead of attempting perfection by trying to make so many changes, focus on one or two new behaviors that will lead to a lifetime of good health.

For example:
• Choose one day per week to get up an extra 30 minutes early to exercise or have a quiet time…it does not have to be an early morning every day.
• Cut out one Coke a day instead of trying to quit all together.
• Commit to 2 days per week of exercise instead of 7 days.
• Decide to bring a healthy lunch to work one day each week instead of eating out.

Pick one thing and become consistent with that behavior. Even when you fall off the wagon, pick yourself up and get back to your one consistent behavior. When you do, you will be confident to add another one.

For today, be nice to yourself and focus on your progress, not your imperfections.  Let’s remember that God looks at our life in much the same way. He doesn’t expect “all or nothing” in order to receive His love and grace.  Why should we?

In Good Health,