January 18, 2018

About Jordan Spring

Jordan Spring - Blog Contributor – Teens Ministry
Jordan is 20 years old, and lives with her family in Pensacola Beach, Florida. She has a heart for praise and worship. She also writes songs, and her prayer during her songwriting is that she would write songs from the Lord that would give people hope and would draw people to worship. Jordan has such a heart for teenage girls and LOVES to talk to them about Jesus. Some of things that she loves is blogging, singing, eating healthy, coffee, a good book, rainy days, and she loves to put together outfits that are trendy, cute, comfortable, and modest.

GCH:decaf – Meet Mary Ruth!


Mary Ruth  is 14 years old, and she lives in Smyrna, TN.

Mary Ruth

Her favorite artist is Chris Tomlin.  While he is not my all-time favorite, his songwriting and worship leading has totally changed and introduced new things to worship in our churches today. If you have not already done so, you need to listen to his music!

Her favorite movie is “Flipped.” I’ve never seen it, but I typed it in Google and found all about the plot. It sounds like a great movie!

Like her sister, Michaela, who I interviewed last week, Mary Ruth’s favorite TV show is “Once Upon A Time.” I LOVE this show! Another one of her favorites is “Emily Owens M.D.” I have only seen one episode of this show and, from what I have seen, it is so funny!

I loved her response to my question about fashion and what her favorite article of clothing is. She said, “Anything…as long as it shows my personality.” She is all about comfort! She loves graphic t-shirts and sweatpants. What girl doesn’t love a good pair of sweatpants, right? Her favorite accessory is a necklace.

She loves to hang out with her friends during school and outside of school. They love to make jokes!

Her favorite restaurant is Cheddar’s. I have never been there, but I hear they have awesome sweet tea! She also loves green grapes. Grapes are one of those foods that I could snack on ALL day long.
I asked her what was something that had changed her life, and I loved her response. I had tears in my eyes when I read it. She said, “Moving in with Teresa Bolme and her family. She has taught me so much about life and God, and I’m so happy to have them in my life.”

Mary Ruth, you are a PRECIOUS woman of God!! I’m so blessed to have gotten to know you a little better.


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GCH:decaf – Meet Miss Michaela!

Michaela Woolridge is 18 years old, which means she can vote! She lives in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Her favorite music artists are Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin (he is a lyrical GENIUS… AMAZED by the Church’s response to his songs), and Unhindered. I’ve never listened to Unhindered, but will have to check them out since they’re her favorite!

Her favorite movie of ALL time is Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”.  I LOVE this movie, and all Disney princess movies, for that matter. Her favorite TV show is “Once Upon A Time”. This show is all about the storybook characters, and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is one of them! She loves to watch this show with her family, and they watch episodes over and over. “Once Upon A Time” is one of those shows that I could watch a million times and never get tired of! Maybe one day we can all have a marathon.

Her style is business casual. Her favorite accessories are soft colored earrings; the perfect touch to a cute outfit! She loves stylish heels, and she is ALL for some natural beauty. Amen to that!


Her exact words, when asked what her favorite foods were, “Bread, bread, and more bread. But since the Bible says she can’t live on bread alone, she likes chicken and cheesecake.” That answer definitely made me laugh out loud.

Michaela had a life-changing revelation the day she realized that her Heavenly Father wasn’t like her earthly father. Her Heavenly Father is FAITHFUL, GRACIOUS, and LOVES to spend time with her. She just got back from Passion Conference, and the Lord spoke to her about communicating with Him. She said, “I realized He wants me to talk to Him.

What an awesome girl Michaela is! I was so excited when she answered these questions for me, and it was so fun getting to know a little bit about her, even if it was through Facebook messenger! I will be praying for you, Michaela, as you seek the Lord and His plan for your life. Bless you, sweet girl!


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GCH:decaf — Meet Jordan’s Sister, Tristan

“Meet My Sister, Tristan”

I am SO excited that 2013 is here… I think every one has expectancy in their hearts when a new year comes. So much can happen in 365 days, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord does in my life!

I am so honored to be a blogger at GCH:decaf, but more so than that, I am so honored to be a part of what God is doing in YOUR lives.  I had the privilege of interviewing my younger sister, Tristan, for this blog post, and here is what we talked about.

Jordan and Tristan

Tristan is 17, and she lives in Pensacola Beach, FL. The house she (we) lives in isn’t directly on the beach, but you basically just cross a street and you’re there. It’s beautiful!

Her favorite artist is Taylor Swift. What girl doesn’t love some Taylor Swift? I know I do. It’s one of the only CDs I keep in my car to listen to at all times.

Her favorite Christian artist is Meredith Andrews. Her song “You’re Not Alone” is Tristan’s favorite! We both love the honesty in her lyrics.

Her answer to “What’s your favorite movie?” is probably shocking to some of you, considering her age… She loves “Despicable Me.” But I’m going to be honest, I could watch it 1000 times and never get tired of it. Could the minions be ANY cuter? I’ll answer that for all of us — Nope!

Her favorite TV show is “Gossip Girl”. She loves to see all of their clothes. The fashion in the show is amazing! And she loves to see all of their over the top houses/hotels/penthouses.

Tristan’s style is all about comfort. She LOVES a cute pair of skinny jeans – maybe in a fun color like red or royal blue. And she loves over-sized sweaters and anything grey, black, or white.

She loves to go to the beach with her friends. During the spring and summer, she and her friends will go out to the beach around noon and stay out all day.

Her favorite food is sushi… And even typing this right now, I could totally go for some sushi, too. YUM!

She didn’t get a chance to answer the bonus question, so I will just answer it for her! Something life-changing that has taken place was when we moved to Pensacola Beach from Jackson, MS. We moved there two years ago, and it has made such a different in Tristan’s life! She has been free to be herself, and she has had the opportunity to make friends based on her personality and hobbies.

I love you, Tris!

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