February 19, 2018

Is There Something You Need to Let Go to Have a Life of Balance Physically, Mentally and Spiritually?

let it goDo you eat healthy and exercise, yet struggle with consistency?  Do you struggle to overcome anxiety from the stresses in your life?  If so, have you thought that it may not be the external circumstances such as time, schedules, business, or other people, but your thoughts and emotions about the situation?

To have a consistent exercise and healthy eating program as well as not allow stress to overrule your life, I encourage you to stop for a moment and tackle what could be the root:

Is there something you need to LET GO
in order to have a life of balance
physically, mentally and spiritually?

Your Exercise

“I used to exercise every day, now I can’t seem to find the time or energy!”   Sound familiar?  Think back to what may have been different when you did exercise regularly.  Now, how are things different today?  You may be trying to follow an exercise program that is no longer conducive to your lifestyle.  Is it time to LET IT GO and develop a routine that works for you now?  I recently had a client say she now has a program that “fits her lifestyle.”  Yea!  By letting go of certain expectations, she is now exercising consistently.

God’s word says in Isaiah 43:18Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

Look ahead and plan a new program that is fresh and works for you now.

Your Food

Do you ever say, “I know what I should do, but I just can’t seem to do it.”  Could it be there is an underlying emotion that you have ignored that is the root cause for what triggers you to make unhealthy eating decisions?  For example, is it time to for you to LET GO of

  • The need to gain approval of others which leads to insecurity
  • What others have said to or about you in your past which is hidden through food
  • The fear of imperfection or gaining weight which leads to not eating at all

How comforting and encouraging to remember that God, our Creator,  says in Psalm 139:14 that we are “wonderfully made.”  When we focus on what HE says about us, it can bring comfort, peace, and confidence that meets our deepest need.  We, as women, must come to the place where we not only know, but BELIEVE, what God says about each of us.

Your Mental Well-being

I remember when I came to the point where I realized the root cause of most of my stress was my own way of thinking.  To manage my stress, I exercised and ate healthy, but why did I let things get to me sometime?  Root cause…trying to control every situation in my life.  I had to LET GO of some things.  So that you can have a life of complete well being and manage your stressful situations, is it time for you to LET GO of

  • The way you think things should be done
  • The way you think the schedule should be
  • Expectations of yourself or others

As David says in Psalm 31:14-15, we are to give our everything including our time to God and trust Him with it.  But I trust you, O Lord, I Say, you are my God.  My times are in your hands.

In one of my favorite books, Let It Go by Karen Ehman, the first chapter (entitled “God Called and He Wants His Job Back”) really hit me where I needed it.  She reminds us it is not our job to manipulate or micro-manage the circumstances around us.  We are to change our attitude and trust God for with our time, circumstances, and those who are closest to us.

My kids love the movie Frozen and are constantly singing the song “Let it Go.”  I have to say, it is a great upbeat lyric—they seem to sing it right when I need to hear it.  Check it out.  It may be refreshing and give you a little tune you can’t get out of your head as a reminder, just like me.   <Sorry!>

For today, think about the possibilities of what it could be like if you left the past, focused on what God says about you, and gave up trying to control every situation in your life.

What can you LET GO to have a life of balance physically, mentally and spiritually?

In Good Health,


The Woman Who Has it All – Perfect Career/Perfect Family

It’s easy in today’s world to get caught up in the dream of having a successful career and being the perfect wife and mothe….all at the same time.  Have you ever thought, just for a minute, that you want to be the woman who has it all—perfect career and a perfect family?


Whether you work full time, part time, or volunteer, perfection may be an ambition. As a business owner, it was easy for me to have the mindset that I must get it all done ASAP.  I can’t make a mistake and my business should grow at a rapid pace to be successful.  However, I had to realize that every setback or failure gives me an opportunity to learn and do it differently.  I must remember that, if I strived to have a perfect career and give 120% all of the time, there would be something else in my life that would suffer, like my family or health.

Wife and Mother

We can beat ourselves up thinking we need to be the perfect mother and wife. We want to do all and be all, but let’s get honest with who we are and what we can do.  Is it possible to cook a three course meal every night, volunteer for numerous projects and have kids involved in every activity and coming home with straight A’s?  Instead of trying to be perfect in every area, why not focus on making progress in the important things with our family. If you have followed me for a while, you have probably heard me mention one of my favorite books, Crazy Love.  Author Francis Chan quotes Tim Kizziar, “Our greatest fear as individuals should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

What Really Matters

Have you ever been so concerned with getting things perfect in your career, your home, or in your children that it takes you away from enjoying what really matters?  At the end of the day, year, or lifetime, what matters?

  • Extra hours spent catching up on email?
  • Impressing people that have no value to who are as a person?
  • Having a meticulous house?
  • Having perfectly dressed children who are shuffled from one activity to the next?


  • Taking your time to grow in a career, as you seek God’s guidance for His purpose in your life?
  • Allowing setbacks to improve your character and perseverance?
  • A simple dinner at the table with family with quality conversation?
  • Saying no to certain things in your career, activities, and responsibilities so that you have time with family JUST TO PLAY?

Over the past month here at Girlfriends Coffee Hour, and in the January issue of Created Woman, a faith and fashion magazine, I have shared how it can be easy to get caught up in the race of trying to be perfect with your health and fitness, spiritual walk, and career and family.  As I coach women to achieve life balance, physically and spiritually, the first step we take is to stop and evaluate if time is spent each day on what is a top priority.

I encourage you to pause and ask the Lord to show you any area of your life where you need to let go of the desire to be perfect. Ask Him to show you where you need balance instead of attempting to be the woman who has it all. You can achieve a life of complete wellness—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

In Good Health,


Are You Taking Care of Your Spiritual Wellness and Spending Time with God?

Last week I shared there are three components of Wellness—social, spiritual, and physical.  This week, let’s discuss spiritual wellness.  You may be thinking, “I got this one!  I am a believer in Christ.”  But if you are honest with yourself, are you taking the time to focus on your spiritual wellness by spending time with God?

As a Fitness and Food Designer for busy women, I create fitness and nutrition plans for women.  What has always amazed me is that most women want not only to have time for exercise, but to have time with God each day; but it can be a struggle .

Women of today, myself included, can get overwhelmed at times with all there is to do, even when things that are good.  It can seem impossible to balance all of our different responsibilities and daily tasks, great and small.   However, I believe and know from personal experience, that the only way to have true peace and balance is to focus on your spiritual wellness every day.

If things have gotten so busy for you, take a minute to remember why spending time with God each day is a necessity of life to be spiritually well.

1. To Honor God

What if your husband, a close friend, or your child said, “I love you,” yet they never took the time to listen or have a conversation with you?   I am guessing you would question their feelings by their lack of interest in you.  We bring honor to our Creator by just showing Him He is important.

2. To have a life of peace and balance

Having a life of peace and balance does not just happen.  We cannot wake up, rush out the door, stay busy all day, fall asleep to television each night, and then expect to find a sense of peace and contentment in our life. One of my favorite scripture verses is Psalm 34:14 which says,  “Seek peace and pursue it.”  We have to find the time to seek it out in our daily walk with God.

3. To have less stress and anxiety

Philippians 4:6 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your request to God.”  Daily quiet time with God will reduce anxiety and stress.

4. To discover our sense of purpose

We can get so caught up doing so many “busy” things that keep us from being what God intended us to be.  A sense of purpose is found when we take the time to seek God and discover our personal gifts and talents.  It cannot be found when we busy our self trying to find it.

How do you find time to focus on your spiritual wellness?

1. Begin by realizing it is ok to start with 5-10 minutes a day.  Find a quiet place that is designated as your “quiet place.”  Have your Bible study and Bible in a basket ready to go so that you do not waste valuable time or become discouraged.

Bible basket

2. Start a daily journal.  Yes, I know it can be scary.  What if someone finds it and actually reads it?  There are many ways to journal, but I would recommend two of the following ways:


First,  journal your thoughts and feelings about the events in your day.  This can help get out all of the mental clutter that may cause stress and preoccupy you from taking time to focus on God and what He may want to tell you.

Secondly, journal your day to include all of your responsibilities and activities that can take up time in your day.  As you read it and reflect, you may find that you are spending your time on things that are not a priority.

And finally, if you are unsure how to focus on your spiritual wellness, take a moment today and read the vision you have for your life as I suggested in One Step to a Consistent Healthy Lifestyle .  When things get unbalanced for me, I know it’s time for me to revisit my vision and see how my time with God plays out in my day.

To be completely healthy and balanced, I ask you:  “Are you taking care of your spiritual wellness and spending time with God?”  If not, what is one step you can do today to make that happen?

In Good Health,