February 19, 2018

Captivating: Chapter 12 Weekly Review – End of Study

Girlfriends, what an awesome journey we have been on for the last couple of weeks. I pray that you are more than convinced of your awesomeness!  You truly are Captivating.

On Monday, Jackie told us that we have an irreplaceable role to play in this world. God is waiting for us to accept that role so that He can use us for His glory. You and I have the power to influence our world for God.

Tuesday with Tonya we learned that what God asks us to do can seem more than what we thought possible. Being what God requires us to be can seem overwhelming at times. But, by saying ‘yes’ to God, and by going where God is asking us to go, and doing what God asks us to do, we are also acknowledging that we have faith in His covering—faith that He will take care of everything else.

Carissa shared some awesome truths with us on Wednesday. She said that we might not be where we are ‘called’ to be right now, because God is preparing us for His plans that are to come. We can’t see the big picture, but God can. He has you right where you are for His reasoning.

On Thursday, Michelle encouraged us to not be afraid of who we are, who we were created to be. It is time to stop hiding. Let us all step out in faith. Let us be real and present in the moment.

Girlfriends, I want to encourage you to be strong in the Lord. Yes, things come our way that paralyze us, and it feels like we will never recover, never be able to get up and walk again, but I want to remind you of the cross. When you are blinded by fear, think of what happened at the cross. God is in control!

I love you and hope that you will join us in our Women’s study that started on Monday, Girls With Swords. I feel armed and dangerous!

Let’s Pray:
Father, thank You for each lady that participated in this study. Thank You that You have great and wonderful plans for their lives. I pray that they will always know that they are Your children and that You love them unconditionally, Amen.

Be blessed!


Captivating: Chapter 6 Review – Healing the Wound

This week an issue we all struggle with has been addressed; join me as I recap what was said by our bloggers.

On Monday, Tonya reminded us that despite our wounds, despite our hurts, despite the past that we as women carry, God is not done with us and He will do everything it takes to rescue us and set our hearts free. All we have to do is allow Him.

Then on Tuesday, Tonya again shared with us that God is knocking and asking us to turn the key over to Him. He is asking us to unlock the door and let Him in to begin the healing work He wants to do. He is asking us to stop believing the lies of our hurts and to remember the healing message in His truths. God wants to make our hearts the complete masterpiece He designed it to be.

On Wednesday, Carissa asked a very important, life-changing question: “What burdens are you still carrying?”  When we forgive, a burden is lifted. Once we forgive and let go of those hurts, we can fully receive the healing that is promised by God.

On Thursday, Michelle said that no matter what your experience with your dad, you have a Heavenly Father that loves you and cares about you more than any human father can, no matter how amazing they are.


Girlfriends, I have been hemmed in by God. For years while we were still dating, my boyfriend then, was my everything. I did everything for him and forgot all about my Heavenly Father, He had no place in my life. I could not wait to get engaged and when that happened, I could not wait to get married, it was truly magical. But something was missing. God had no place in my life.  For a while everything was great, until God with His gentle firm hand started to hem me in.  He showed me that He wants to be my first love and once He has His rightful place in my life, everything else will fall into place. Believe me it did not happen overnight—it’s a process—but one that is worth the wait.

Let’s put God first and allow Him to work in our lives.

Be blessed.



Let’s pray:

Lord, You are so good to us!  You continually draw us to Yourself desiring to heal us and bless us and show us our worth to You.  please help us, Lord, to allow You to do Your mighty work in our lives.  thank You!!!  You are our loving, heavenly Father…and we love You so much!   in Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.