April 18, 2014

Welcome to Our World


My family is big on Christmas music. Scratch that, the women in my family + my daddy are big on Christmas music. I’d like to think we get it from my dad. I will always remember him singing Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” at the top of his lungs. I smile every time I think of the time I came home from school only to hear Celiene Dion’s Christmas album blaring from the basement with my dad accompanying her in perfect harmony! Christmas music is all you will hear in our home from the day after Thanksgiving until we finally take the Christmas tree down. I cannot even begin to imagine how many Christmas songs I have listened to in my lifetime.

Two years ago, I heard an old song in a new way and it forever changed my life. I believe this Christmas season, God wants you to hear something “old” in a new way. I believe with the same old way we do Christmas each year, He is desiring to show you something new about who He is to you. The following is my something new…

Fragile finger sent to heal us
Tender brow prepared for thorn
Tiny heart whose blood will save us
Unto us is born…unto us is born

 Amy Grant ~ Welcome to Our World

This song is one I have heard over and over again for the past 10+ years of my life. Not once until that moment two years ago, did my heart feel ever so gently touched by the sound of these words. Two years ago, I started to understand Christmas as more than traditions and trees and presents. I started to understand the One Whom this holiday is truly about. This revelation changed me and it changed the way I heard this song. I actually cried big tears while listening to this song because these words struck a chord in my heart. I was blown away by these words as I listened. How beautiful, how precious is our Savior.  ”Tiny heart whose blood will save us…”—and it has, and it will, for evermore.

How blessed I am to have accepted such a sacrifice. I thank the Lord for bringing me to the point where I am today; as hard as it was. I am to the point where I understand that I will never fully know in this lifetime the depth of those words, the pain and love behind every one of them. One day we will know; and, oh, what a day that will be!  Until then, it is my prayer that as you listen to the same old songs, and do the same old Christmas traditions with your family, you take the time to find the newness of Christ in the midst of it all. Open your heart to the One who will gently remind you of the true Glory of this time of year found in that tiny heart sent for you and me.


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Diane lives in Pittsburgh, PA. She is surrounded by a ton of family and loved ones God has given her to share life with. To the world, Diane may be single, but to her she has the best date of all… Jesus! Diane is very involved with the children’s ministry at her church, and is also a spiritual coach for a ministry aimed toward the youth.


  1. Clella Fox says:

    Thank you, Diane, for sharing this song. I’ve never sat and listened to the whole song. It’s beautiful and full of the best news ever! “Lord, make my heart Your home.”

  2. Love the song. I need to look it up. Do you know this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQZmni-oeg4 It’s Andrew Peterson, Labor of Love. I think you’ll love it too. It’s become one of my favorites.

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