December 17, 2017

“Glorious Living — Intentionally Living for God” by Megan Smidt, Certified Christian Life Coach

glorious living

Beginning March 29th, 2013, you will see a brand new blog appear on Girlfriends Coffee Hour.  Our Co-Founder, Megan Smidt, who is also a Certified Christian Life Coach, will begin taking questions via email from YOU, and then addressing those questions here on her new “Glorious Living” blog, each Friday!

Megan received her Life Coach certification in 2012 through Professional Christian Coaching & Counseling Academy.  She also has Bachelors of Arts degrees in English and Women’s Studies.

We are super excited about this blog, and feel it will be a great addition to GCH!  Megan has been successfully coaching others for some time now and is very excited to answer YOUR questions, as well!

Some topics you may want to ask Megan about:

  • Learning to manage change effectively
  • Getting unstuck, out of ruts and moving forward
  • Learning to think and see things differently
  • Expanding the capacity to take action
  • Finding clear values
  • Discovering and developing passions
  • Finding a life purpose
  • Building a clearer vision for the future
  • Finding meaning in what you are doing
  • Building self-confidence
  • Learning to relate to people effectively
  • Getting the courage to take risks
  • Getting free of self-sabotaging behavior and destructive self-talk
  • Building communication skills
  • Learning to take responsibility
  • Developing a closer walk with God

You may email your question to Megan at:  If you prefer your question to be anonymous, then just let her know in your email.


2 Corinthians 3:18
But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord,

are changed into the same image from glory to glory,

even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

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  1. praying and asking our Father to bless megan and her ministry, and to work in all of us to love & support one another as we change and grow <3

    • Megan Smidt says:

      Lord, we ask that you guide each of us on this new journey. Give each friend Your boldness to not be afraid to ask about things so heavy on their hearts and God, guide me as You so faithfully do in every response to Your precious daughters. May we all be forever changed and may YOU get all the glory, Lord! In Your Son’s matchless name we pray, amen <3

  2. This is going to be AMAZING!! I just know it! God BLESS you and your endeavor, Megan!

  3. I am SO excited! Megan, thank you for your ministry.

  4. Tonya Tucker says:

    Wow Amazing … excited to hear and follow .God Bless my friend, i just wrote a message titled Live Intentionally -with no idea of this just found it b/c of
    Tina Marvin became friends on FB. and I saw this on her wall,how special is that- That God would conform this writing I’m to share with the ladies at church here in Shreveport,la. Very Blessed to be apart of the kingdom of God’s goodness.
    Amen! Love T.

  5. Tina Marin says:

    I cannot wait to have God bless us through your words Megan! You are a blessed encourager. I love that He has put you ALL in my life!

  6. Cindy Dehner says:

    Hi Megan, Looking so forward to your blog. Will be emailing you a question! Thank you for sharing your gift of encouragement with all of the ladies of GCH. God Bless! <3