February 24, 2018

Resolution for Women: Underneath It All

Our Memory Verse

“out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”

Luke 6:45


I am sure that all of you have seen a picture of a crack in the earth when an earthquake is about to happen, if not, here is a picture of one when it hits.

And next is a picture of the sheer devastation after the earthquake has hit full force.


These pictures are what came into my mind as I was studying this lesson.  As our lesson stated,  “the cracks are merely symptoms of a more serious condition that is underneath”.

The only way to remedy complete and utter disaster by this thing called “our tongue” is to address the foundation, structural issues that could possibly cause an eruption.    Our lesson states that controlling our tongue is a quest.

As we continue on this quest to determine how we can uncover what is hidden we will begin to see that “the cracks” are actually symptoms of a much deeper, more difficult problem that we must fix in order to be the blessing to others like God is wanting and asking us to be.

I Love what Priscilla says on page 122,  “Our mouth is like a barometer, it will tell us and others whether we are truly immersed in humility and surrendered in obedience to God or if we are housing a malnourished spirit that stubbornly refuses to yield to the wisdom of God’s own Word”.

She tells us we need to take inventory of our tongues track record and use that as an instructive way for us to uncover what is hidden within, and here is the list of questions that she gave us to use as our inventory check list:

  1. Are we always quick to offer an opinion into conversations at every opportunity?
  2. Are we constantly critical and demeaning in our spoken sentiments?
  3. Do we frequently find ourself quarreling with our spouse or being divisive among others?
  4. Does gossip continue to come easily for us?
  5. Do our words often reveal a doubtful, skeptical outlook?

The words we use on our lips are just like the first picture in this post “they reveal what is going on in our foundation”

Here are some tongue facts for you that I thought you might enjoy knowing:

  1. Our tongue is the strongest muscle in our body.
  2. Our tongue is the only muscle in our body that is attached only on one end.
  3. 50% of the bacteria in our mouth lives on the surface of our tongue.
  4. Every person has a unique tongue print.

Our tongue may be a small part of our body, but it can cause huge devastation just like in the second picture in this post.  We use this tongue to demean others and then in another breath we use it to praise our Lord.    With the most powerful muscle in our body, we can either say negative things, degrade someone, cut someone down, or we can build up, edify, encourage and uplift someone.  Our Words  have power and those words come from our tongues.  We have the ability to control how that muscle is used whether it will be used for good or bad but often we let it move unrestrained and without much thought and that is when the cracks start appearing in our foundation.

Over the past few years I have truly sought out how I speak to others, and God has used many things in my life to change “my tongue” and one of them sometimes has been “silence”  and  another has been to “listen”.   When I make exerted efforts to do both of these, I begin to find what is “underneath it all”, I find where my cracks are beginning to surface, and how He is using these two tools to change my foundation, to help repair what is there so that no eruptions come forth.

Priscilla tells us on Pg.125 as we soak in His Word we can expect to have a deep reservoir filled with all the treasures needed to help temper our conversations with wisdom, kindness and humility.  She also reminds us that its not just about watching our mouth, but watching our heart and that any lasting change we make in controlling our tongue must start at the base, the foundation, down where the cracks are forming.

One great verse that Robin gave us weeks ago when we were doing the study on our words and it has stuck with me since that day and is posted at my desk at work and other places is “Set a guard over my mouth Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips”. Psalms 141:3 NIV…..this verse gave me a foundational structure to help me build this new work God is doing in my life and this week of lessons has taught me how I can be a blessing to others (with my time, my concern and my full attention) and to do all those well I need good ears and a good tongue…..so yep these are areas I am working on giving to HIM first so I can bless others with them next…

 Your assignment for today:   Take the tongue inventory test talked about above and “Before signing your name to the “My Blessing” resolution, consider what changes you may need to make in order to be the person who is “quick to listen and slow to speak” make those adjustments and when you are ready to commit it to God, then sign your name on the dotted line.

Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord,    I praise you for this little member of our body “the tongue”. It can destroy but it can also build up and I pray for each of us that we look for where our foundation is cracking within our tongue and show us how to get it repaired so that each of us can use this little muscle to be a blessing to others.   Amen.


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Love ya’ll


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  1. The power of life and death seems to be a theme that keeps coming up. Wonder if He's trying to teach us something. 😉 Great message!

  2. This chapter really spoke to me and caused me to reflect at how I've been caring for my heart. What I've been putting in will eventually come out, in a good way, or bad! Thank you for this message today Lord!! Continue to teach us through this book!!!!

    • bevannemac says:

      It is funny how the little cracks we begin to see in our foundation if left unattended can turn into much bigger problems…I am so thankful how God is showing us and teaching us how to repair them…thanks for sharing Christi

  3. I really truly believe your words have power because I had to eat my own words about 4yrs ago when I worked at Dollar General. The other managers had put me on register and I was tired of being on register and I said that day I don't care if my till is short and they can fire me because I was tired. Well sure enough I went back to work on a Wednesday and I was put on "temporary suspension" and I was later let go and at the time I was let go I found out I was pregnant with my son so it work out for the best. So there is a true example about how your tongue can get you more than you bargain for.

  4. It was an awesome chapter today. I am getting better at controling what I REALLLY want to say and saying rather waht brings love and grace…. Thank you for the awesome blog!

  5. This chapter really puts it in perspective! We are so good at covering things up to try to fix issues but it does all come down to you have to start at the foundation for everything. Thank you Lord for showing me how to be a better listener and thinking before speaking or even being SILENT!!!