December 17, 2017

The Resolution for Women: Week 5 – Boxes

Today, in The Resolution for Women, we talk about boxes.  Not the kind of boxes you bring your groceries home in, or the kind you pack your belongings in, or even the kind that you ship something in.  We are going to talk about the many boxes that women have in their lives, while still trying to achieve perfect balance in their life.

Are you guilty of having too many boxes?  Before you can answer that, you have to know what that question means first.  What I am asking here is how many things you have going on in your life that is pulling you in this direction, and that direction, and making you feel like your life is so out of balance!!!

Let’s take a look at our lives for a minute…..  How many boxes do we women have in our lives?

1.  Box for the Lord

2. Box for husband

3. Box for children / children’s activities

4. Box for taking care of home

5. Box for work

6. Box for family / friends

7. Box for church / ministry

8. Box for Self

9. Box for bible study

10. Box for community outreach

That’s ten different boxes, and that’s even with doubling some of them up into one box!

We women have a lot of responsibilities in our lives!  Many different boxes to take care of.  As you can see just from the boxes above that include just normal life, there is real good reason to see how a woman can get stressed sometimes, especially if she is focusing in so many different boxes that she isn’t able to give completely to the boxes that are important.

When we take on more than what God has called us to take on, our boxes begin to fall and crumble.  They don’t stay in their neat stack, the way God designed them to be.  When we don’t consider God’s priorities in our lives, we find ourselves having to move this box ahead of this one, and pushing that one behind another, and stressing because we really did need to do something with the original box, but now it needs to wait because you’ve fallen short in another box.  Can you see how this can happen??

God has called us to have order in our lives.  He has called us to set priorities and boundaries so that we can live a life that is balanced and not in chaos; feeling as if we are being pulled in so many different directions, that we don’t even know which direction we are supposed to go anymore.

So, how do we get our boxes neatly stacked and in order again?  You start by seeking God and what He wants as a priority in your life.  Then you start removing the boxes He says needs to go.  If that means you don’t do as many bible studies or serve in as many ministries as you once did, then so be it.  God knows what will bring balance into your life; and He knows which bible studies you need to be working on!

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, that we find ourselves involved in so many bible studies, or Facebook groups, outside activities, community events, and so on, that we find other areas of our life is suffering because we are spending so much unnecessary time on these other activities that God didn’t want us in, in the first place!

Home life begins to suffer because we have so many different boxes that we are involved in.  Which is our main priority…home or ministry (also insert community events here)?  Your home is your first priority.  Your home is your ministry.  If your home is suffering because you are never home due to the number of ministries you are serving in, or other events you have volunteered for, you need to learn to start saying no.  God will find someone else to fill that position for that ministry or event, no doubt.  You do not have to do it all.  You are not Superwoman!  We like to think we are….but we are not!

Another thing to consider about being out of balance is that once we stretch ourselves into so many different boxes, we begin to get weaker.  Think of a rubber band.  Before the rubber band is stretched, it has a lot of strength and resistance.  But the more and more we stretch the rubber band, the less strength and resistance it has, and sooner or later it snaps!!

Spreading yourself too thin and into more and more of what God has not called you to do is like stretching your own rubber band.  The more boxes you put into your life, the further and further you are being stretched.  The further and further your rubber band is stretched, the less strength and resistance you have; the more health problems you begin to have; the more chaos you will see at home; and so on….and sooner or later, YOU WILL SNAP!!  Then what good are you to anyone, especially God??

Ladies, it’s time to take a serious look at our lives and the boxes we have lined up in front of us with our name on it.  It’s time to start seeking God and asking Him which box you can close and put it away neatly until He calls you to take that box out again.  It’s time to set some priorities.  It’s time to say no to some things, even if they look fun or popular!!  It’s time to step away from the things in our lives that is sucking the life out of us.  It’s time to start taking back your life, your family, your time with God, and time for yourself!!

Priscilla says on page 91, “Balance is not when the boxes are equally filled but when we are free to fill only those that are important for now, without feeling guilt over the ones that we’ve left for another time and place.  This is balance, little sister.  Remember it.”


Let’s pray: 

Father, we seek You today and ask Lord that You show us the boxes in our lives that need to be removed and stored away for another time in our life.  Father we ask that You give us wisdom as we review the areas in our lives that may be causing us to become out of balance, and give us direction on how to close these boxes.  Lord, help us to say no, when we need to say no.  Help us to not feel guilty, or that we are letting someone down if we don’t say yes.  Help us to achieve the kind of balance that YOU want in our lives; the kind that will bring us the peace that we so desire Lord.  Father, help us to put our priorities back into perspective, once again.  In Jesus’ Name, AMEN.

Your Assignment:

Share below which boxes you currently have in your life.  How many different boxes are you handling?  Then ask the Lord which box(es) He wants you to remove from your life, to help you find more balance.  In the comments section below, share which box(es) that is, and how you plan to put that box away for now.  How will you find balance in your life so that you are more able to serve Him.

After you have completed this assignment here, go back to your Facebook Online Bible Study Group, and see what fun activity we have for you there!  You never now what we will come up with!!  If you do not belong to a Online Bible Study Group, and would like to, please email us at, and we will be happy to add you!

Be Blessed,

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  1. kbmurphy0921 says:

    I have way too many boxes for sure! Most of the time I do a job with balance; however, it's when one gets too full that I feel the need to get rid of a box or two. This has been a part of my thought process he past couple of weeks – which boxes can I give up!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I mentioned last week about having too many irons in the fire and that none of them are getting done very well. I guess this chapter was written just for me. For two more weeks, one box is watching my four grandchildren, then there is two businesses that I own, I am CEO of a large house, church, and my health. Oh my goodness.

    I did however make a decision to not refill one of the boxes that was previously filled. I was going to watch three other children that are not my grandchildren starting next month. It was suppose to be a paid situation, but this young lady is having trouble with that concept, so I have decided to not stress myself out and say NO!

  3. I am one of the few people that I know that doesn't have all that many boxes. I've got the kids, hubby, the house and this study. From there God is the only other one. Right now our joint marital box is filled with house projects but those are almost done for now. I still have a hard time getting everything done but that's my own fault for letting my smart phone be too easy to play on. :-/

  4. 1.  Box for the Lord

    2. Box for husband/mending our relationship

    3. Box for my girls

    4. Box for taking care of home & preparing meals.

    5. Box for work

    6. Box for family / friends / FB

    7. Box for Me

    8. Box for Bible Study

    9. Box for Church

    10. Box for walking

    I can see which boxes I need to give up but it's going to be tough. I can see where compromising one for the other gets you in trouble. I am willing to prayerfully ask the Lord to show me which to set aside. Perhaps there are some things I can delegate or even ask help in. Healthy boundaries resound in my mind.

  5. Jackie C says:

    Currently my boxes contents are as follows.
    1. The Lord
    2. Hubby and myself
    3. Family and friends
    4. Work
    5. Bible study

    I remember a time that my boxes were so many and I wondered how I had time for myself but I did lol.

    I am thankful for this season of rest. I believe I am where go wants me to be. Although it has taken me time to adjust from the busy ministry life to this one.

  6. I have way too many boxes to count that's why my brain doesn't shut off at night.

  7. What a timely blog as I prepare for homeschooling and what the Lord wants me to do. I have several boxes: the Lord, Husband, kids, homeschooling, house care, bible study, church and church ministries. I almost forgot me, but for me studying the bible keeps me relaxed, as well as grounded. For the past couple of days I have been praying for direction. Waiting for the Lord's response before I act on any decisions.
    Pray with me for His will for my life in ministry and balanced school year. Thanks 🙂

  8. Im a little late on this blog but wow do I have many boxes. The Lord is that One box that will never be put away. Then there is family/friend, children and their activities, work, home, school, internship,church, bible study, and just recently planning a wedding, and then me

  9. janet jackson says:

    It is no wonder I feel stressed out and overwhelmed MOST of the time. The boxes I have are many and I had the wrong concept of balance trying to devote equal parts to all of them. As so one else mentioned doing far to much and none of them well. I have asked God to show me which ones to empty and put away for this season of life. Can't wait to see His response play out in my life, I am sure the boxes I have to get rid of are good ones and things i will miss so i pray the adjustment wont be too hard and will be for the better !