February 25, 2018

The Resolution for Women: Faith vs. Faithfulness

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Welcome to another day of The Resolution for Women!  I’m very excited to talk to you today about Faith vs. Faithfulness! Are you ready?

I’m not sure about you guys, but I absolutely LOVED the visual we got as Priscilla described the mother Eagle!  Eagles are like royalty, very regal in stature – strong and powerful – fiercly protective – beautiful birds!  What an incredible picture to hold in our minds.  Then, today one of our ladies spoke of a song in which she envisioned each one of us together, with suitcases,  swinging them in the air and singing!  I can see that scene so clearly, even without closing my eyes.  We were sticking together, sisters in Christ – all with our matching suitcases!  Ladies, it doesn’t get much better than that!  Unfortunately these are just visions and although they are awesome, they don’t go any further than that.

To take this a step further, each week the leaders here anticipate the important words God is going to give them in order to write the daily blog for you.  We have complete faith He is going to bless us with the perfect words;  BUT to actually write the blog each week, to put ourselves out there, is definitely faithfulness.   As Priscilla teaches, ‘The concept of faithfulness is a physical outworking of actions” – It is when the “outward expressions of your beliefs are lived out over time”.  As we prepare to write our blogs each week, life happens. We may find ourselves distracted, not feeling 100%, or just plain spent.  Satan may raise his ugly head and do everything he can to prevent us from sharing these teachings with you.  To give you an example, it’s 1:16 am here and I went to publish my completed blog and the hotel’s wi-fi dropped.  My blog did not post and in fact, when I went back into it – it was at 540 words instead of the 1008 of the finished product.  However, this will not stop me!  I will pray and move forward in Faithfulness, living in obedience to Him. 

Faithfulness is born when the outward expression of your beliefs are lived out over time.

Jesus learned obedience through suffering (Hebrews 5:8).  Day in and day out he faced trials and tribulations, was ridiculed, and was eventually beaten and forced to carry the heavy, rugged cross.  However, he proved His faithfulness by surrendering His will,  by praying,  and by staying committed to His Father’s purpose (being the source of eternal salvation).  He resolved to be faithfully His (Fathers).   It is only when we live a life of faithfulness will we ‘fly on the wings of God’s spirit’. (Priscilla Shirer)

How many of you have made resolutions?  Perhaps you’re going to spend more time with God, less time on the computer, or maybe you’re going to give your husband extra attention.   I am working on many of these areas; however my own personal resolution is to get my temple in order so that I am at 150% capacity in order to do His work here in the United States as well as in Nicaragua. To be healthy and fit.  Sure I have faith that I can do this with Him; but more importantly I have faithfulness.  I have surrendered this to Him and I am doing what is necessary to see the fruits of my labor (through Him).  I am adjusting my life to my beliefs.  How are you doing with this?

Let’s Pray

Father God, thank you for teaching us Faithfulness, thank you for your word.  Thank you for your love and the love of this group, the love of each sister here.  Be with us Father,  give us strength to surrender to you – may we learn to adjust our lives to our beliefs so we too can have complete faithfulness as you did.  We love you, Honor you, and Praise you. Amen.


Your Assignment Today:

Would you describe yourself as a faithful person?  If so in what areas of your life?  Tell us about this in your life.

Share below in the comments section about Faithfulness in your life.  Please don’t be afraid to share.  Remember that your testimony or experience could be the one thing that touches someone else and helps them make changes in their life that reflect our Heavenly Father.  Once you’re done, go on over to your OBS Facebook Group to see what we have planned for you today!  You just never know what we will come up with next!!

If you are not a member of our OBS Facebook Group, and would like to be, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to place you!!   Our email address is:  GirlfriendsCoffeeHour@gmail.com

Love you Bunches and Lots of Hugs,

<3  Kelley

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  1. Carol Bruntlett says:

    Hi Megan this is awesome I just talked to God about that this a.m. I want to live not just with Faith but to have the faithfulness to serve Hiim and this morning early a.m Him and I had a talk about that.
    He woke me up with a song on my hear When Mercy Found Me and I love it when He does that.
    This Resoultion study is defintely changing my life along with some people in my life love it.

    Thank you all for your faithfulness


    • awh, I wrote this one Carol! but I'll let you off the hook cause I love you to pieces!!!!! I so look forward to your posts! They encourage me!!!! Love you!

  2. Thank you Kelly for your post. Like you I'm also trying to keep my clean and health. It is not easy but takes discipline just like living out our faith. I have intentional seeked the Lord each morning to have that time with him. Eager to read His word to learn what He wants me to do. As I type this, I'm at a hospital waiting while my husband has a procedure done to treat his cancer, I'm spending my time with the Lord. I'm wondering who in this waiting room or hospital He is going to lead me to or put in my path to share a verse , testimony, prayer, a word of encouragement or just to bless someone. Im determined to live out LOUD for JESUS because He has done so much for me. I challenge all of us to be women of faithfulness– live it out LOUD!!!!!

    • Praying for your husband and for you!!! I'm glad you are looking out for the opportunity to share! Don't miss it – I know the perfect person or situation will definitely cross your path so you can!!! We just always have to be intentional in our faithfulness and in all we do. Looking forward to getting together for lunch soon!!!! Hugs

  3. Another amazing post, Kelley. God knew what needed to be said and supplied the outages….your faithfulness to not give up and just say "well this isn't working" produced yet another anointed message!!

    Now in answer to your question: I see myself as a faithful person, in a lot of areas, but I also myself as not faithful in others. The hard stuff, like exercise and eating right, the stuff I don't like to do are the ones that I need to work on. I need to stop making excuses and just do it!! I need to see it for what it truly is…."taking care of the temple God has given me, and honoring God by doing just that!" I so need to get that!!!! I WILL get it!!! I resolve to become faithful in this area!!!!

    Thank You Kelley for that reminder!!

    • Thank you Christi! and Amen. It's not an easy thing to get – has taken me about 3 years to "get it" -sad and what a shame! But I have it and I don't intend to lose it!!! It will come, keep being intentional, keep praying and I am praying for you!!!!! Love you girlfriend! hugs

  4. What has sruck me most in this part of the study is that being faithful is a verb and requires action as opposed to just having faith! I am choosing to go into action and BE faithful!! I am also working on the areas of my life that God has spoken to me about and now I know that He wants ACTION from me!!! So glad He is still teaching me!!!

  5. GREAT POST Donna!! Great point!!!! and it needs to be INTENTIONAL action!!! We are all works in progress girlfriend!!! We're all still learning -if we ever stop learning, we have real issues! He will teach us until we make our way home to Him!!!! Isn't that AWESOME!!!! I look forward to learning and learning and learning! Hugs!

  6. Cynder60 says:

    There are a couple of areas I feel I am most faithful. But still not completely. The rest need more work. One thing that struck me is I am deciding to allow His Word to consistently guide me DESPITE anything & everything to the contrary. So often I look at things that are contrary then think "This isn't going to work. I'm not sure I can do this." I need to decide I believe His Word, act on it & quit paying attention to things that are contrary.

    • You are growing!!!! and I love this!!! Nothing I like better than to feel myself growing in my relationship with Jesus Christ!!! hugs!

  7. I need to quiet my mind ling enough to hear what it is God want me to be faithful to, I know my time with Him is one of them as i am waking up each morning and He is the first thought I have. i want to read my Jesus Calling devotional and listen to praise music as so many of these amazing songs speak what is truly in my heart. But when it comes to myself, my husband, my family, friends and work I struggle in that I feel there is so much I want to give and do but there is just not enough of me.

    • I have that same issue! but I'm learning to balance!!!! Thank goodness! Pray every morning asking God to direct your priories – then yes, you have to stop and listen!!!!! xoxo

  8. Beverly McCormick says:

    I am faithful in many areas but two things I want to get success in is getting this temple that God gave me "fit" in body and mind….I have determined that I can't expect or suggest others to do something I haven't done….God showed me that strongly on April 19 this year and I committed to Him to change….I have lost 34 lbs so far….but even better than weight loss I have gained more personal devoted time to God and His Word….He is oh so changing me through every moment…during this time I was invited to GCH and that has even propelled this commitment even stronger…..thank you Lord for Your strong voice on Apr 19

  9. Faithful in this faithless world. It's a steady up hill climb but completely worth it!!!