February 21, 2018

The Resolution for Women – Authentically Me — Week 3

Hello Sweet Girlfriends!

Today’s message is going to be short and sweet!  I had surgery on my finger on Friday, and am doing well.  Thank you for all the prayers!  I appreciate it!

Memory Verse:

You did not choose Me, but I chose you.

I appointed you that you should go out and produce fruit.

John 15:16

This week’s reading assignment is as follows: (Feel free to post your comments after each blog; but then return to our Facebook Online Bible Study Group for each day’s FUN Group Activity!) 

Week 3:  July 16 – 20

Authentically Me

16th:   Intelligent Design – Page 50 – Christi

17th: Supernatural Selection — Page 54 – Megan

18th:  Happy to Be You – Page 60 – Kelley

19th:  The Affirmation Crusade – Page 63 – Robin

20th:  Week Overview — Christi

This is going to be another amazing week with the Resolution for Women!  I hope you still have your seat belts fastened, as Priscilla suggested in the beginning of this book!  This is an amazing journey that God is taking us on!!  Praise God!


Let’s Pray:

Oh Lord, we give You thanks for all the things that You are teaching us through Priscilla’s book.  What an amazing tool You have placed in our hands, Lord!  We’re learning so much about who You created us to be, and I am forever grateful Lord for this study!

I pray Lord that You will open our eyes even more this week, as we discover being Authentically Me ….  I have a feeling Lord that we are going to discover some amazing things that we never knew before, in this week’s lessons!

Thank You Father, for all that You are doing in the lives of each woman that is following along in this study with us.  We ask that You bless them, and their families Lord, as they spend each day seeking You through this study.

Lord, I ask that You continue to give the GCH Blogging Team wisdom and direction, as they post what You want to say each day.  I am blessed immensely by this Team of amazing women, Lord.  May You bless them, also Lord, for the time and energy that they put into this ministry.

In Your Precious Name, 



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  1. Beverly McCormick says:

    I am ready….can't wait to get started…it's hard not to read ahead…but I want to read on schedule so that what God has planned for me is right on time!